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The Parallel Universes theory suggest that through every action, or rather, every choice we make splits off into another probable outcome of the same action. Thus another universe. Meaning it....Ah to hell with it. This is the fanfiction section. Some call us delusional, some call us fools.

I call us mighty.

Here you will find all the stories read, screened, and officially supported by LCN. So sit back, suspend your disbelief, and have fun!


After writing my first story, I realised that serious fanfics were not meant for me. Instead, I tried my hand at humourous stories and the response I got was astronomical. I never considered myself to be fanfic writer with humour but there's a first for everything. I couldn't believe that people actually wanted more and after finally finishing it, I've decided to keep on going with this side of fanfics.


Ash AKA Leyviur AKA Lacrima Castle Kaiser

A small blurb such as this is often decribed as a bio for the person whom it is introducing, but seeing as how the person introduced currently is merely a fanfiction writer (of which many are of lightly erotic and highly questionable content), it seems rather unseemly to introduce him as anything other than a horny bastard who longs for Cierra to pop out of his Game Boy Advance, much less someone who is currently a university student studying medicine. Nevertheless, this person whom we shall call Ash for convenience purposes (because Leyviur is just too long to type out) currently writes many fanfiction stories based off of what is commonly referred to as "hot girl-on-girl action." However, it must be noted that he does not consider this a proper profession on the internet, unlike certain little dragons and that cyberspace monkey Lu Aza.

Some of you may remember Ash from such internet sites as RPGFan and GamesAreFun, both of which he is currently still highly active in, particularly GamesAreFun, which he writes news and reviews for. The notion of feedback or possibly death threats and public backlash for his works is not considered unwelcome on his part, so if you, the reader, wishes to inform him of how he should burn in the fiery depths of hell, feel free to send him a letter. However, he'd probably like it more if you sent him porn. He likes Saber from Fate/Stay Night and Cierra from Riviera.

Oh, and chocolates, too. He likes chocolate.


Well, where should I begin? I am a gamer, born and raised. When I was about 4 or 5, I used to be up at 3 o'clock in the morning playing Super Mario Bros. 3. Not much has changed since then, I just play different games. I play my Gameboy Micro when I am at home, in the car (yes, I have played while driving), at work, pretty much everywhere.

I was quite surprised when I played Riviera. It was like no other game I have ever played. The story, gameplay, everything just drew me in and captivated me. (I wrote a fanfic for cryin' out loud!) That just seems bizarre to me, but oh well.

Well, that's about it. Oh yeah, and Legend of Zelda totally rocks!


I'm quite a crazy video game/anime fangirl that loves to imagine on about my fandom. Seeing that I wanted to spread my fandom in someway, I tried to find a solution and did get one--writing.

I started writing in the middle of 2005, and figured out that some people actually liked my writings when I was new at writing fanfictions. I tried to keep my stories updated, while they got me interested in my own stories from time to time.

I read fanfictions and look at fanarts quite often, and especially the stories with my favorites pairings and such. Since some categories lacked what I was seeking, I wrote about those too, which got me more motivated.


I'm a guy, quiet most of the time. I started writing fanfics since last year, after I got tired of not seeing the pairings I wanted to see. To my surprise, my stories got more interest than I ever hoped to. This motivated me to update them as soon as I could.

On the net, I usually go read fics, since I like to read stories about my favorite games. I also like to visit boards to talk about them. RPG are my favorite type of game.

Riff Raff

Some say that knowing the writer is just as important as knowing what he's writing about. Others couldn't care less. I'll tell you anyway.

I'm basically your average geek, you know: videogames, DND, computers, good grades, that kind of stuff. There's a bit more to me then that, namely my beliefs and morals. It's unfortunate that the former (in all people) tends to split us all apart, but it is that which makes us unique. I'm a pretty conservative guy and a roman (not christmas or easter) catholic. I often find myself with a guilty conscience over one thing or another, but it is that guilt that comforts me, strangely enough, in that I know my own intent of my actions. To not is my greatest fear.

I am new to this fanfiction thing, and at first I asked myself "Why write up stuff about something that is basically, already written?" My guess is that I write to extend it, to longer savor the immersive story that was all too short.

S. S. Wilkins

"Seldom Seen" Wilkins.

The quiet guy in the shadows, that is literally "seldom seen". A 15-year old high-school dropout that is a beginning writer. He is currently working on a book (with his own characters!), and occasionally(READ:everyday) works on writing fanfics, and M:TG articles for He is also the lone Malice fanboy of the Riviera community.

And yes, he blatantly stole "Seldom Seen" from The Monkey Wrench Gang.


Valkan- AKA Lance. He wasn't much before this; An amateur story writer, with a few loyal fans. (Who he pisses off frequently) His other cyberspace facades don't seem to make much of indent in any of the websites he participates in. That is until now.
He tends to write stories that have universal appeal, choosing to forgo the practice of 'pairing' two characters from the very beginning. (Why you ask? He says it's confining. UGH THE NERVE)
His other stories are only worth mentioning if you're a big-time anime fan. (Elfen Lied particularly) His interests include: anime, videogames, sports, music, movies, beer, and fanfiction.
He's credited to *starting* the Riviera section on with the story you see here.

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