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Riviera: The Promised Land is a role-playing game from Sting for the GameBoy Advance; additionally, it is the reason this website was created. Originally a Japan-exclusive game on the WonderSwan Color, it was later remade for the GameBoy Advance. This remake included a variety of new features such as new artwork, extra illustrations, voices, and much more. A third remake for the Playstation Portable was released in November of 2006, with US and European releases following mere monthes later. The game is the first episode of the Dept. Heaven series.

One thousand years ago, a great war between the Gods and demons began; it was called the Ragnarok. Asgard, realm of the Gods, became overrun by demons and was on the brink of destruction. They had only a single option left. They broke an ancient taboo, sacrificing their very lives to create dark-winged beings that stood against all who opposed the will of the Gods. They wielded weapons with incredible power, called "Diviners." These "Grim Angels" turned the tide of the war, and soon brought it to an end.

The demons had been sealed away, but it was only a matter of time before the Gods met the same fate. The Gods left their remaining power in the island paradise of Riviera, the Promised Land; entrusting it to the Sprites until their return.

But now, signs of the demons' return have filled the peaceful land with fear. With the Gods sealed away, Asgard cannot survive through a second war; so the seven Magi, proxies of the Gods, made a decision. They will actuate the Retribution, which will unleash power that the Gods left within Riviera. The Magi selected the most powerful agents to carry out the plan. Dark-winged angels of death wielding Diviners: the Grim Angels.

Now, two Grim Angels descend to the sacred soil of Riviera: Ein, the wingless angel, and Ledah, the solitary angel. There is not much time left, and now something threatens to stand in their way. They must actuate the Retribution with great haste, or the Gods' sacrifice will have been in vain.

GBA Version
PSP Version
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