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This guide was created using the Japanese version of the game, and thus, many names, and even gameplay situations maybe different from the version you're playing. This guide WILL be updated to reflect the US version as soon as possible, but, until then, bear with it.

It should be obvious, that this is a guide for Yggdra Union. On these pages, you will find locations of each item in each battlefield, how to reach every battlefield and every part of each one. It will tell you how to open each extension, the stats and equipment of each enemy, and give you tips for all situations.

However, this guide could be a bit confusing, so this opening page will serve mostly as an intro, to help you understand how to get through it, and perhaps a small explanation of a few gameplay mechanics.

First in this guide, you have a simple structure: the map, then some conditions next to it, then some tips and such a little below the map. The tips and conditions are rather straight forward, but the map is not. When you hover your mouse over the map, certain squares will light up, coloured. These colours are indications of what is on the square:

Red Red = EnemyGreen Green = Item
Yellow Yellow = ExtensionPurple Purple = Situation Change

That's not so hard. So, when you hover over the map, you'll see squares glowing these colours - albeit a bit duller - but how does that help? It tells you where to hover. Hover over the squares, and it will show info for that square. For example, when there's an enemy on the square, it will show the enemy's stats. When there's an item, it will tell you what item and any specific conditions for picking the item up. Extensions open up portions of the map, and the portion will be noted and lightly highlighted. Situation changes take you to a different part, or a different battlefield. Hovering over a purple square will tell you what it will do, and clicking on it will take you to wherever the in game equivalent will.

Yggdra Union