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> LCN Forum Rules v2.0
post Jun 27 2007, 04:32 PM
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Since a lot of people have trouble figuring out the rules, right now I'm going to throw up the rules for the LCN forums. Most of these can be figured out by pure, plain old common sense, but as we all know internet gnomes are decidedly lacking in it and must be educated.

Avatars and Images
Avatars can go up to 150 x 150. Almost anything goes. I say almost because I'm not allowing overly explicit material. As a general rule of thumb, anything worse than the bathing scenes from Riviera or Yggdra Union will not be tolerated. Signature images may not be over 450 x 150 pixels; anything over that is in danger of causing stretching on the forum layout, and that's just not pretty. Signature images may not be animated.

Unless a thread is specifically used for pictures, do not post in-line images and instead link to them. If you need an image uploading site, PhotoBucket and ImageShack do nicely. Humongous animated pictures are not allowed under any circumstance.

Do not, under any circumstance, request illegal material. MP3s, ROMs, ISOs, anything that is illegal will earn you an instant ban. Pornography is also disallowed and will, similarly, earn you an instantaneous ban.

Usernames, Member Titles, and Signatures
Nothing offensive or personal attacks are allowed in your username, member title, or signature. Use your common sense with this. Signatures may not be over 5 lines. Large sig images count as 3 lines of text and small sig images count as 2. Basically, if it's taller/wider than this image, it's too big.

Spelling and Grammar
We here at LCN are a rare breed of internet denizens: we type in coherent, unbroken English. By the same token, we expect the same of every other member who joins our community. Shorthand, terrible grammar, and bad spelling are generally frowned on intensely here, and if you do any of that for a prolonged period of time your stay here will likely be short and unkind. Do a favor, both for us and for yourself (and the sake of your English teachers/professors): type in coherent English.

Language, Flaming, and Trolling
Cursing is not generally disallowed here, but exercise your discretion when doing it. If you do nothing but say 'fuck' fifteen times in a post, you're going to earn my ire incredibly swiftly. Flaming is not tolerated at all; if you have a personal argument with another board member, take it elsewhere. Violation of the aforementioned two rules will earn a 20% increment on your warn level for every infraction.

Trolling is something I personally frown upon. If at any point I believe your sole intent here is to troll and annoy other users, I will ban you. Trolling infractions on those who are generally normal members will be dealt with a 20% warn increment.

Multiple Posts
You can edit your posts. Don't double post. If you triple post, beware my wrath. This is not applicable for the Spam forum and certain list topics, but for the majority of the site, don't double post. This rule also does not apply if the last post you made in a topic is over a month old and you wish to post again.

There are admins and mods on this board for a reason, and that reason is keeping the peace. We don't need normal members complicating situations by trying to do our jobs for us. We can handle it ourselves.

Trying to Gain Access to Other Accounts
Don't do it. You will be IP banned if caught (and chances are, you're going to get caught). Even if it's just for kicks, do NOT attempt to log in to an account that is not yours. You will be shown no mercy.

I reserve the right to ban anyone at any time for any reason. If you're even thinking about whining about First Amendment rights, you obviously failed your High School Government class, because that only applies for public areas. Like a park. Or City Hall. Lacrima Castle doesn't count as a public domain. It's owned and paid for entirely by me, so I get to call the shots. Don't like it? Wonderful. You can click that Log out button and never return again.

My rules are not that strict. I'll forgive light jabbing, some annoying remarks here and there, as long as you don't break the rules TOO much. There's a lot of wiggle room. If you even get to a point where I have to ban you, you probably deserved it in the first place. Have fun.

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