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Yggdra Union PSP Sprites & Face Collection (2 Replies)
THE HAPPENING IS HAPPENING. Thanks to Rai, we finally have even more content from YUPSP. Today we bring you the complete Face Collection (Battle faces as well as Dialogue faces) as well as gigantic animated sprites. One note about the sprites, as it says on the page, we don't yet have any of the palette swaps, so many things are missing. It's still awesome to have this, though, and Rai may or may not continue to try to figure out the swaps. If he ever finds them, we will of course update it.

Enjoy and pray for Kitten.
Posted by Rhiannon on May 3rd, 2019

Wow, a real update! (No Replies)
As people surely know by now, Yggdra Union is now out for people who have phones. Specifically, iPhones and Androids. We also did some stuff tonight though. I can't believe it.
  • Updated release dates on the game gateway because it hadn't been updated since like 2012 and it also neglected Australia entirely, just like the world does every day. YUMobile is there now, too!
  • Added official Gloria Union art of characters, cards, and banners. And by that I mean we just finally made them accessible since they'd been on the site for ages, and really, they were just snatched from Sting's openly-available fankits. Thanks to me for wrangling with labyrinthine code alone and apparently copying and pasting the right things and making sure all 50 files of nonsense code had what they needed for this simple task of displaying some pictures.
  • Added the YUMobile LINE Stickers. These are seriously adorable, and get pretty funny if you can read Japanese too. Thanks EmptyWizard for getting those together for us, and thanks Walrus for wrangling with code for hours when I could have done it (inefficiently) in much less time.
More is coming (RAI'S GONE AND DONE IT GUYS GET HYPE), maybe even as soon as tomorrow, but I think it might take a bit more time so I thought I'd just post this now. I'm also going to remind everyone that we have a Discord server now. It turns out it didn't die after New Years! Get in there if you haven't already!
Posted by Rhiannon on April 16th, 2019

By the way, Yggdra Union is being ported to mobile in Spring 2019 (3 Replies)

No word on an English version.
Posted by Raijinili on February 21st, 2019

Is Sting Dead Like Us? (No Replies)
The answer is no. It is true that Sting has been focusing on mobile and other people's games, namely Compile Heart and Aquaplus, but there's some Sting-only news to be had! They've put Baroque Syndrome on iPhone and Android. Yep, mobile stuff, and an ancient game not known by many.

But don't lose hope. They're currently hiring game designers and 2D and 3D graphic designers. I also hate their new site design and can no longer find the weekly writings of the weather! >:(
Posted by Rhiannon on January 19th, 2019

New Years LCN Party... on LCN's Discord. (2 Replies)
Since 2018 was such a slog we're going to party for New Years this year. Just kidding, we almost always party on New Years anyway. We promise games and talkings. It's okay if you'll be drunk, or otherwise inebriated. We're used to it. Just don't do anything dangerous. Anyway, last year we had this party on voice chat over Discord (and had a person or two who preferred not to be on voice, but took part in the games regardless). This year we'll do it over Discord, but on LCN's own Discord server.

That's right, I set up a shoddy Discord server for LCN. I don't plan on it being there for New Years only, obviously. Invite link is under the spoiler tag at the end of this post. I have the feeling this Discord server may attract people who are turned off by IRC, so we'll see if that turns out to be right. I do urge those who have been known to hop into IRC to continue to do so, though. There are important differences between the two. The IRC group is much more tight-knit, and there aren't really any restrictions on what kind of content you can post there (except obviously super messed up things, and we do try to protect people from spoilers still). Plus, IRC doesn't collect and sell your data the way Discord does. Discord has a lot of perks that IRC doesn't, but I'm not going into that since I assume people are generally more familiar with Discord.

Anyway back to New Years. The party is going to be the evening of December 31st. Evening by the standards of US timezones. I couldn't give you a precise time but you should totally join in the fun games or Krakenmas will be ruined by the second coming of Tenta Claus.

Now, that Discord invite link. If you're viewing this on LCN's front page you may need to click into the forum post to see it.
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Posted by Rhiannon on December 30th, 2018