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8/16/2016 (5 Replies)
Today I was walking home from a briefing with Hector and Malice, when it started raining. A friendly angel offered me an umbrella, but I was already holding Lorelei. Lorelei and I got very wet on our way back home, and so we took a relaxing hot bath afterwards~.
Posted by Ledah on August 17th, 2016

Happy Birthday Yggdra! (4 Replies)
I have no idea how old she is, and I'm definitely getting banned for this since birthday threads aren't allowed, but happy birthday Yggdra, because today is your birthday.

To celebrate her birthday I've added something new to the site! We now have rips of the status art from the PSP version of Yggdra Union, viewable right here. But you should also know that, in this case, there was a reason they hadn't been uploaded before. You probably won't notice unless you stare at them really hard, which is what I do with all things, especially the horns of Gulcasa's stupid dragon, but these are not perfect rips. It's not like anybody's going to go back and do it right, though, so just keep taking what this dead fansite gives you until you like it. Happy birthday, Yggdra.

I also hate my brother's code and idea of file names with a fiery passion.
Posted by Rhiannon on June 2nd, 2016

The Precious Chapter and email bug (3 Replies)
IPB Image

Hi. Today LCN is updating to inform you that Walrus and Rhiannon have begun translating the Riviera drama CD, The Precious Chapter. I'm sure someone has already translated it, but if you're looking at LCN I'm sure you know about how we built this huge wall to keep out people we didn't get along with, and how they built a wall right next to ours because only jerks build walls like that. Anyway, everything on Disc 1 has been translated. Disc 2 stuff, as well as translations of the booklet's summaries and cast commentaries, are coming someday to a dead fansite near you. Direct complaints of typos and translation errors to this topic or me.

Also, there was a bug for a while where people couldn't receive automated emails from LCN, so they couldn't verify their emails or reset their passwords. I fixed this problem months ago while Rai spent days trying to fix it by causing it. Just thought I should let you know.
Posted by Rhiannon on April 1st, 2016

HTTPS (5 Replies)
We're on HTTPS now! Thanks to Let's Encrypt and Dreamhost.

New URL:

2016-03-25: HTTPS is now forced.
Things will probably break. Please report.
Your login is invalid and you must log in again. If you experience issues, please contact us at
Posted by Raijinili on February 21st, 2016

Good news, everyone! (2 Replies)
It's 2015, and Sting still has enough money to pay that guy that updates the site about the weather. The mobile game Gather of Dragons seems to be a fabulous success as well. Sting's not dead, yo.

New DHE games? Eh. Who needs them? All we need is Lorelei.
Posted by Ledah on February 8th, 2015