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Full Version: Got Your Copy Yet?
Lacrima Castle > Sting Games > Gungnir
Anyone bought a copy, yet? Let's have some awesome Gungnir discussion.
Dr Strum
Spent some time hacking it earlier, finally playing it now.
I'm on scene 16, got it yesterday. It's pretty okay but getting knocked off the map is pretty annoying.
Dr Strum
Oh my, didn't know that could happen. Makai Kingdom all over again.
You can drown too.
Yeah that happened to Paulo yesterday, dragon headbutted him off a iceberg into the water. I wasn't happy at all.
Pretty useful when I equipped my knight with an ogre shield and he blocked and countered and knocked off the stage 2 crusaders... in a row.
Anyone ever bother to beat Robertus? I did once and he used a reviving item thingy. He did not have that item equipped when I checked his equipment!!! CHEATING! I was going to knock him out again but time ran out.
Yes, that knock-off mechanic has resulted in many infuriating moments.

Also, Capture is freaking awesome in the early stages.
What does that even do? I've never been a big tamer user.
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