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> LCN Discord Server: Lacrima Casserole, New and Improved, but without the Improved part!
post Jan 4 2019, 09:24 PM
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So let's talk a bit about what's allowed on the Discord, the details of its Roles, etc.

The rules of the Discord can be found in the Rules channel (and I believe they're pinned there, not that I know how that works). They are as follows:

Rule #1: Be SFW (Safe For Work, for those somehow not in the know). Don't post content (text, pictures, links) that would be considered Not Safe For Work. The Voice Channels (and likely incidentally the accompanying text channel for those) are exempt from worrying about what's appropriate and what's not because talking is hard. You can go to IRC if you want to link to or discuss in text NSFW stuff. IRC is great for this because unlike Discord it isn't collecting and selling your data and nobody cares what you talk about unless it's actual child porn or actual murder or something because obviously most people have a problem with such things.

Rule #2: Don't irritate the crap out of everyone. LCN has learned in its time of being a bunch of assholes that it is annoying to be an asshole 24/7. You don't have to be nice, but being mean, irritating, or annoying constantly are all unnecessary.

Rule #3: More of an extension of Rule 2, but don't spam the same message over and over again. There's a point where it's comedic, I understand, but it doesn't take long to step into being obnoxious. We'll be pretty lenient on this unless it's obviously just, like, your thing.

Rule #4: On spoilers. We are still invested in protecting people from being spoiled on plots and stories they would prefer to experience in a pure fashion. So when discussing spoilers in text channels, please try to speak vaguely enough that only those who already experienced that part of the story would understand, or find some other way to hide the spoilers from easy, view. If you make a mistake, try to edit your post as soon as possible.

In voice chats, those in the Knight, Cefiro, Angel, Grim Angel, HOP, and God roles can deafen users, and I highly recommend asking one of them to do so temporarily to individuals who do not want to be spoiled on what you're about to discuss while you are discussing them.

That seems pretty reasonable, right? Let me know if you have suggestions.

Now, onto the Roles and what's up with them.

When you first join, you have no role, and you will be able to do just about nothing. You can read text and see voice channels, you can send messages, read the message history, add reactions, and connect to voice channels (you may not speak in the voice channels, however). Don't worry though, someone who can will likely give you a role as soon as they realize you're a real person who has business on the server.

Arcs, Sprites, and Flunkies.
The most basic role you may be assigned to. Arcs has a cream-yellow/white sort of color, Sprites has a deep pink, and Flunkies has a really nice green. In these roles you will now be able to:
• Create Instant Invites (I don't know why you'd need to though)
• Change your nickname
• Send messages, read message history, add reactions, connect to voice channels (as you could when you were a nobody)
• Embed Links
• Attach Files
• Use External Emojis
• Speak in voice channels
• Use Voice Activity (as opposed to being forced to Push-to-Talk, not that we require ANYONE to Push-to-Talk)

Knights and Cefiro
Still a fairly basic role but with a few perks. Knights are a dull blue and Cefiro are fuckin' Orange, man! Here's what they can do that the previous groups could not.
• View Audit Log (basically the change log of the server)
• Mention everyone (basically, trigger whatever a "push" notification is for all members of a channel. It basically means there's some announcement that they're making, like something fun, or that you need to all shut up.
• Deafen Members (useful for preventing individuals from being spoiled unintentionally)
• Mute Members (useful for giving people a dang time out without kicking them out)

Angels are a pretty blue color and get their own space on the userlist. This is what they can do that previous groups cannot:
• Manage Channels (so they can create, edit, or delete channels)
• Kick members (as in, off the server). Don't try to come back if you haven't taken some time to cool down and learn your lesson, or otherwise be prepared to give an even higher role of user a reason why the kick was unfair.
• Manage Emojis. So if you have a cute idea for an Emoji, you should let Angels know! They can make it happen, maybe.
• Send Text-to-Speech messages by starting their message with /tts. The are messages that are voiced and can be heard by everyone focused on the channel. I expect this would be used rarely, only in the case of a rare joke or if someone needs to stop smashing their keyboard and listen for a sec.
• Manage messages. They can delete other members' messages or pin any message. Don't piss off these Angels, man.
• Move Members. If you need to be removed from a channel for whatever reason, an Angel can and will make that happen. So don't go insane.
• Priority Speaker. In voice channels, Angels can activate this for themselves by using the Push to Talk (Priority) keybind they've set. This will allow them to be easily heard over all other users. If this happens, either it's for laughs, or it's because you guys need to settle down and remember you're still in a space governed by rules. This isn't even at the freedom level of IRC (which itself still has a tiny few obscure rules).

Grim Angels
Grim Angels are a dark purple color and also have their own space on the userlist. Angels were already scary. What could Grim Angels possibly do that they can't? Let's find out.
• Allow anyone to @mention this role. This means that if you need the attention of a some kind of moderator and Angels don't seem to be available, you can @mention Grim Angels as a group and it will but them all and they'll come out of their caves grumpily to deal with your mess.
• Manage Roles. They can create/change/delete roles (I hope they won't unless there's an unintended permissions problem they need to fix). But they should also be able to change the roles of LESSER BEINGS such as Angels or below. So if you want a different color feel free to ask in the Help channel and someone'll take care of that. If you want to change to a role with power, you probably won't get that by asking unless you've been with LCN forever. Doesn't mean you won't one day get it, but you can't get it by asking. Sorry.
• Ban Members. Remember how I said Angels could kick members but you could still come back with your tail between your legs? Grim Angels can get rid of you forever. Don't mess up THAT hard. I don't think we'll be strict with our rules given how we've been enforcing the forum and IRC
• something about webhook. What even are these?

You can't be a HOP. It stands for HalfOP. Which stands for Half OPerator. It's an IRC term and Rai requested it even though I offered him his ancient SOP back. It's light blue and you can never become one, no matter what Rai says. Here's what Butterfrai Hop hop hop can do that lesser roles can'r:
• what do you it's identical to Grim Angels but you can annoy him uniquely with @mention as you could @mention Grim Angels and standard Angels.

You might be able to become a God but you definitely can't ask for it. They can do everything, and they're like a magenta red type thing. Typically reserved for historical founders of LCN and particularly helpful and long-term maintainers of its various parts. What can they do? Everything.

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