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Lacrima Caslte _ Computeralogical Stuff _ Buying Headphones

Posted by: DustyHaru Nov 18 2012, 07:37 PM

Been looking around for a nice pair of headphones (to replace my cheapish phillips earbuds I got as a gift) and I stumbled across this guide online:

Just curious as to what sort of experience anyone has had with buying headphones and any suggestions. I'm currently looking at the AKG K81dj on amazon (link They're $35 right now and $99 normally, seem like a decent pair and the only downside that I seem to read about is that they're a bit tight fitting out of the box. My price range is around $50-$100, so they seem like a really good deal.

Not sure if this belongs here or more Music but I don't suppose it really matters considering how many people are actually on LCN.

Posted by: Enzd Mar 14 2018, 02:12 PM

Did you ever find any decent headphones?

Posted by: DustyHaru Mar 18 2018, 08:28 PM

ended up getting those k81s and broke them after a good year of usage.

My current headphones are the K240s with replacement velour pads and a replacement braided cable. I think altogether cost me about $80-100. Neutral sound, so if you listen to music with a heavy emphasis on bass you'll probably want something different. It's semi-open which means that some sound will leak through (so people will kind of hear what you're listening to) but if you just use them at home its fine. Because they're semi-open they have a bigger(?) soundstage than closed headphones (This means that you can sort of differentiate where sound is coming from, which can be cool for games where sound matters and good for just general music-listening). Apparently they're really hard to drive, but I've never really had an issue with that aside from it draining my phone battery and not being as loud as other earbuds or headphones.

If I wanted to upgrade I'd probably get an open set but I'm probably good for a while. If anything I'd just want to get a pair of closed headphones to use in public