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> 08D4C968 (Needs assigning), Chapter 3 dialogue.
post Mar 14 2006, 03:00 AM
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It's faded, but I can still make out some of the words...

N: Vivid ......aves S: Bloo............ F......wers
E: Whi...e ............ ...: .................. .........

So, how does this help us?

Hm!? Did the sign just flash?
Lemme take a look at it.

It's faded, but some of the writing's still visible.

N: .................. ......... S: ............... Snow
E: ......... ......... W: Bloo......... F......wers
Spring, summer, fall and winter...
Fail, and all will be undone.

The order of the seasons is different than before.

True... But, I'm more worried about the part that says,
"all will be undone."
Does that mean we'll have to start all over?

Most likely.


Part of it's still readable...

N: ......... ......... S: ............ Snow
E: ......... ......... W: Bloo............ .........wers
Spring, summer, fall and winter...
The path will be opened.
Fail, and all will be undone.

That phrase, "all will be undone," worries me.
Let's be cautious.

Yeah, we should.

N: ......... ......... S: ............ Snow
E: ......... ......... W: Bloo............ .........wers

So, what does it mean?

The ruins should be around here somewhere...

Grandfather once warned me about this forest...
He said there are dangerous plants here.
I suppose demons aren't our only worry.

Just our luck, man-eating plants.

A squirrel! It's so cute(heart)

What's so cute about it?

It's got a puffy tail.

Yes, it is. Isn't it cute?

I guess so.

I think you're much cuter, Lina.


Ein, what're you saying?

I-I was just kidding.





*giggle* It's just a joke, silly!

*sigh* Oh, my.

There seem to be a lot of little animals living here.

Yeah, but they seem frightened.

Maybe they sense danger...

This forest is pretty deep.

I don't like mushrooms.

Hey, what's in this flower?

It's worth the risk. Let's look inside.

Anything in there?

It smells so sweet.

Ahh, how nice.

It's too dangerous.

It smells good.

We better stay away from it.

It's a dead end...

This forest is like a maze.

We better be careful.

Let's go.

Um... haven't we been here before...?

Don't worry.

Let's just keep moving.

It's dark in here...

Death to all...


Ein, what should we do?

We can't run now. Let's fight!!

Let's retreat for now.

They're still here.

I guess we'll have to defeat them to get by.

The forest is full of demons...

There's a chest in the shade...

What the!? I'm sinking!


This swamp's deadly!

Lucky for me there was a root to grab onto.

It doesn't look like a swamp, at first.

It's too bad we didn't see it.

...If you consider that exercise.

Then, what is it?

*huff* *huff* ...made it...

Did it just sink more?

Maybe we should forget about it.

Lina's light. She could do it.

No way! You have wings...
Why don't you try?

Please, you two, stop it.

What should I do?

You too, Ein? Fine, I'll do it.

Lina, are you okay?

I'm not sinking. I think I can make it.


You're almost there!

That was eas-- *gurgle*


See? I knew this would happen.


No, I didn't! I'm still 84 pounds!

I can see that!

The chest is sinking...

Me? Okay.

I'll show you how it's done.

Let's see, here...


It was a piece of cake.

Look, I'm not your slave!

They sure do.

So, you're just gonna give up?

The chest is deep beneath the surface now.

But, we got the treasure, thanks to you.

The chest is gone...

It must have sunken completely.

I wonder what was inside.

Be careful. I wouldn't want someone else to fall in.

Are the ruins nearby?

We may already be inside them.


According to Grandfather,
the ruins are covered by trees.

So, this right here could be the ruins?

It may just be.

It really helps having Cierra around.

It does?

*sigh* Of course.
You know way more about this place than we do.

But, I get lost easily.

*giggle* Just kidding.

We're going the right way, aren't we?

It's empty...

It's been sealed with magic.
There's no way to open it.

Oh, well.

There's nothing left but ashes...

I can tell it's dangerous already.

It's pretty big...

This's cool!
Ein, let's take a look!

We're almost there, right?

Yes. ...I believe so.

...You believe so?

It's not much further, I think.

Is everyone alright?

I'm fine. How about everyone else?

Lina's okay!

Me, too. The mushroom acted as a cushion.

I didn't expect the branch to break.

*sigh* Sorry, everyone.
Looks like I did it again...

Is everyone okay? That was one heck of a fall.


We were pretty high up this time...

My butt hurts!

Ow... I'm sorry, everyone.
Looks like I did it again...

Who are you...?

Who, me? My name's Cierra.

Are you looking for magic ingredients, too?

No, we're here to find the Accursed.

Akurst? I've never heard of that plant before...

No, the Accursed are powerful demons...
Supposedly, there's one somewhere near here.
If we don't stop them,
Riviera will be overrun by demons.
That's why we're looking for them.

Ein, you have to admit... It sounds crazy.

Yeah, I know.

My, it sounds serious.

You actually...!?

I didn't believe it at first, either.

So, that's why there are demons here...

The Accursed must have summoned them.

(Oh, well. I give up.)

Now, I'm worried.
I was separated from Gateau when we fled from demons.


My dear friend.

I hope it's not as dangerous here as you say...

Well, it's not safe to be alone.

I hate to ask, but...

Help me look for Gateau.
It won't take long, I promise.

C'mon, let's help her!

Especially since demons are responsible.

Of course we'll help.


I'm Ein.
Nice to meet you.

My name is Fia. I'm from Elendia.

Lina's from Elendia, too.

I'm Serene. I'm an Arc.

Oh, my. Elendia and an Arc?

You know about Elendia?

Of course.

It's very advanced in magic.
I have yet to go there,
but I'd like to visit soon.

*sigh* That was NOT fun.

Hahaha... S-Sorry...

Be careful next time.

Huh!? The part we cut off is all dried out!
It was so puffy before. Why!?

We must have let out the air inside...

We worked so hard to get it, too...

That's what you get.


Anyways, let's go.

(Huh? Was there a path here before?)

I believe this way is a shortcut.

It's big, but it looks poisonous...

It's all puffy! Hahaha! It feels good!
I want it for a pillow.

A-A pillow?

Where do you come up with these ideas...?

Let's cut a piece off and take it home with us(note)

W-Wait! What if something happens?

What? Nothing's gonna happen!

Ein, it's okay, right?


We don't even know what type of mushroom it is.


I wanna cut off a piece and use it as a pillow.

Really, Lina, it's not safe.

Oh, c'mon...

This mushroom saved our lives.

The Silvershroom has poison spores.
This forest is full of danger.
If you harm it, it'll shoot out the spores.

I'm glad we didn't touch it.

A puff of smoke came from this mushroom...

Are you alright? This is a Silvershroom.
The spores inside attract Mantraps.

Some demons came,
and the part of the mushroom we cut off is all dry now...

It was awful!

And, whose fault is that?

It's all shriveled up.

There's a chest. Let's open it!


It's empty.

It's faded, but I can still read some of it...

N: Flowers S: ............... Leaves
E: ......... ......... W: ......... .........

What's it mean?

We're finally out of there...

Now, on to our next destination!

Over there...
Isn't that the doll we threw away?

But, what's it doing here...?


It must want to come with us.

Now, let's get going.

I'm scared...

Finally, we made it back.

Yes, but we can't rest here.

This looks like the entrance.

Sprites? Here? ...Let's have some fun.

Ein, what are we gonna do?

Let's have some fun.

The demons are still here.

They won't let us pass without a fight.

We did it!

This must be the ruins...

Did I just step on something?

So, this is the entrance to the ruins, huh?

Look carefully at the stone blocks...

I see three blocks with marks on them.
The others don't have any.

We should only step on the ones that are marked.

We made it!

Serene's cheating!

I'm not cheating... I'm just tired of walking.
Give me a break, will ya?


What? You too?


Ein, you shouldn't spoil her so much.

Now, let's go.

Sorry, I missed.

Is it a trap!?

Huh? It's a dead end.

Looks like it.

Whaddya mean, "Looks like it"?
We're not lost, are we?

I'm afraid so.


There's a sign. Let's read it.

I think I can make out the whole thing.

Summer, winter, spring and fall...
N: White Snow S: Bright Sun
E: Blooming Flowers W: Vivid Leaves
The forest shall shift as the seasons change.
Time passes in cycles.

Is this a riddle?
What does it mean?

Here's what it says...

Summer, winter, spring and fall...
N: White Snow S: Bright Sun
E: Blooming Flowers W: Vivid Leaves
The forest shall move as the seasons pass.
Time passes in cycles.

It's a riddle, right?
But, what does it mean?

Walk the path of the seasons.
N: White Snow S: Bright Sun
E: Blooming Flowers W: Vivid Leaves
The forest shall move as the seasons pass.
Time passes in cycles.

It's been opened...
But, let's check it anyways.

What kinda doll is that...?

It smells burnt...

Please hold it away from me.

Let's just toss that ugly thing!

Well, I thought it was cute.

I knew you wouldn't be able to do it.
Who could throw away such a cute doll?





Is something the matter?

No, nothing at all...

Go ahead... But, don't overdo it.

Alright! Thanks, Ein!

I'll cut right here...


White stuff's coming out!

See, I told you to leave it alone!!

*cough* *cough* I can't breathe...

I can't see anything...

*sigh* It's finally over.


Looks like you spoke too soon... We're surrounded!

*sigh* Outta the frying pan and into the fire...

I didn't know this was gonna happen!

Let's get this over with!

We're trapped! We have to fight!

I'm beat...

I... can't... move... another inch...

Can someone please carry me...?

It's a small mushroom.

How cute!

A mushroom, huh?

How is it?

Ugh... I feel dizzy...

Are you alright?

Y-Yeah... I think I'm okay, now.

Ugh... I feel like I was hit in the head with a hammer...

Ugh... Where am I?

Ein... You don't remember...?

Try smacking him on the head.

No! Leave him alone!

Huh? What are you guys fighting about now?

Thank goodness...

Ugh... I still feel a little dizzy...

Sorry... That wasn't very smart of me.

Ein, are you alright?

Actually, I feel great...

Should you really have eaten that?


Hahaha... I'm fine.

Ein, you okay?

Huh? Hahaha... Why am I... haha... laughing? Haha...

Ein, I apologize in advance for this...

Serene! What are you doing!?

*cough* *cough*


Haha-ha... ...Just kidding.

Suck it up. That's the cure.

E-Ein, you okay!?

Don't worry. I'm okay, now.

That kind of mushroom will mess you up.
If you had spit it out sooner,
the effects would have worn off faster.

And if he didn't spit it out?

He'd be laughing forever...

That was close. ...Ow, my ribs hurt.

Let's take it with us, just in case.

We can look it up in Elendia.

Let's just leave it. It looks dangerous.

Huh!? Are you serious!?

But, it might be good!

If it were fruit, I'd do it...

I don't think she should eat it. It's not safe...

Yeah, find another guinea pig.

Huh!? Me?

Who knows? It might be delicious!

I don't want to risk it...

I see...

Who knows? You might like it.

Sorry, poison mushrooms aren't my thing.

How 'bout you eat it, Ein?

I-I'll pass.

Then, so will I.

I get your point.

Is it in the Mushroom Book?

A spotted white mushroom... Ah... Here it is...
It's a Dizzyshroom.
If you eat it, you'll start hallucinating...

Good thing we waited.

A blue mushroom... Here it is...
It's a healthy fungus that will boost your power.

Good thing we kept it.

A thin, brown mushroom... Here it is...
Those who eat it can't stop laughing.

Doesn't sound very tempting.

How is it, Ein?

It doesn't really have any flavor.

I don't want any, then.

I'll eat it if you don't want it.

I don't need it.

Who knows, we might be able to use it.

For what?

I'm not eating that!

Are you sure about that?

No enemy's stupid enough to eat that!

You're not gonna eat it?

You shouldn't be so picky.

But, you don't eat meat, Fia!

Oh... Well, um...

Let's take some fruit, too!

Did you eat something behind my back?

It can't hurt, I guess.

This might come in handy.

You think that's gonna solve the problem?

I hadn't thought of that.

Well, in that case, I'm not eating.

What's with all the smoke!?

Be careful! It's some sort of powder!!

*sniff* I don't like this...


I don't think it's a good idea to stay here...
Let's move on.

Yeah, let's get outta here...


It's taking us quite a while, isn't it?

This stinks!

Let's look at the sign again.
All we need to do is think it through.

Easier said than done.

Here's what it says...
Summer, winter, spring and fall...
N: White Snow S: Bright Sun
E: Blooming Flowers W: Vivid Leaves
The forest shall shift as the seasons change.
Time passes in cycles.

I think it means...
that to find our way through the forest,
we must follow the order of the seasons...

So, how do we go towards summer?

Well, each direction has a description of a season...
That must be the key, don't you think?
We just need to figure out which way to go and when.

...? Lina doesn't get it.

(So, we have to do it in a certain order...)

When are we gonna get outta here?
Lina's tired...

I'm getting tired, too.

Let's rest while we look at the sign some more.

................................................ ................................................



Isn't this a map?

A map...?

Oh, I see.

N is up, E is right, S is down, and W is left.

So, when we move from here...
the forest will change.

Snow represents winter. The sun represents summer.
Flowers grow in spring, and leaves change color in fall.
These changes have been happening in the forest.

Well done, Ein.

I should've seen it sooner.

But, what does the rest mean?
"The forest shall shift as the seasons change."
"Time passes in cycles."
Well, Mr. Smarty-pants?


I don't know...

So, we're still stuck here?
I'm sick of this! I wanna go home!

Don't worry... We'll find a way out.
Won't we, Ein?

Yeah, no problem.

If you say so.

(Time passes in cycles...)

Lina can't walk anymore!

I wonder what that last part means...
"The forest shall shift as the seasons change."
"Time passes in cycles."
What do you think, Cierra?

Let me see...
................................................ ............!?

I got it, Ein!

Huh!? Really?


It's referring to a clock.

I see. Clocks are round.

When the season shifts, so does the directions.
Going right at spring leads us to spring...
But for summer, it takes us to winter.

The seasons revolve clockwise.

So, right at fall goes to fall...
And in winter, it takes us to summer.

That's correct.

We can finally get out!


There's a chest...

I better not.

Poison gas!

Now, what's inside...?

Ugh... Well, what's inside?

An arrow trap!

What's inside?

There's treasure inside, right!?

Freeze gas!

What's inside...?

What kind of item is worth so much trouble?

A magic lock!

You did it! You prevented the lock from activating!

But, why does it need such a fancy lock?

*sigh* Now, it's locked...

I wasn't quick enough...

There's no way to open it.


It's gonna explode!

I disarmed it!

Not bad, Ein!

*sigh* So much for the treasure...

I wonder what it was...

Alright! That takes care of that.

We did it(note)

Well done.

That was a piece of cake!

My, that was easy.






Check it out!

Let's make good use of it.


Not bad.

So, this is what it looks like on the inside...

Nature seems to have taken over.
Originally, the inhabitants here utilized nature...
But now, nature is utilizing the ruins.

Roots are everywhere.

It's pretty amazing, isn't it?

The floor could crumble at any moment,
so watch your step.


What's wrong, Serene?

Oh... Nothing. I'm fine.
I just tripped on a root.

You must be...

Don't worry about me. I'm fine.

Now, wait a minute...

Lina's not clumsy!

J-Just kidding...

Old!? Are you serious!? You're the same age as me!

True, but I could sure use a nap.

We'd best move on.

It's been sealed with magic.
There's no way to open it.

There's nothing left.

It's hard to walk with all these roots.

I wish there was a quicker way to get through here.

Can't you use your magic, Cierra?


I might be able to do something--
like enlarge the roots or destroy the walls.

The ruins would collapse!

So, is that a "no"?

You won't win so easily this time!


What should we do?

This is a surprise... But, we can handle it!

We must defeat them in order to pass.

We can handle it!

Watch out for the roots.

My, you're strong, Ein.

It was just luck...

It's always the strongest that say that.

We did it.

More demons...
I guess we've got our work cut out for us.

Let's hurry!


I-I'm fine.



Ouchie... I tripped...

Everyone, look...

A demon! ...How long has it been there!?

It's sleeping!

Shh! Be quiet, Lina. You'll wake it up.

Now's our chance to get the first hit in.

Let's take advantage of this...

You're the boss!



I guess once is not enough...

Ein! I think we've upset it!



Lina, watch your step.


Oh, sorry... I wasn't paying attention.

Hey! Who're you calling a klutz?(drop)

Don't make me hurt you(tic)

Oh, a root... Thank you for warning me.

Serene, you okay?

I'm fine...

But, we're not doing so well over here...


So much for that plan. Everyone, get ready!!

I feel all cooped up in here...
It makes me wanna just fly away.

I know the feeling.

Oh, yeah. You used to have wings, too...

No, that's not what I meant.

The tree's grown so much...
This hall seems so enclosed.

How much further do you think it is?

That depends on where you're going.
It's still quite a ways to the top...

There's no guarantee that's where the Accursed is.
It could be right around the next corner...

This pile of rubble looks different.

How so?

It looks like it's been refined.

So, there might be something good!

There might be.

It also could be a trap. Let's be careful.

Fia, can you take a closer look?

I found something! It's a rare material.

Let me see...

The only thing I found was this rock...

Do we have any use for that?

There's nothing here...


Maybe I shouldn't.

You have to give nature credit...
The bricks have all crumbled,
but the roots have only grown stronger.

This whole place looks the same.

It is rather large, so that's to be expected.

But why is it in such bad shape?

Well, they ARE ruins. ...Time takes its toll.

So, it's all time's fault(note)

Lina, do you even know what that means?

You're making fun of Lina, aren't you!?

Would I do that?(note)

Yes, you would!

You're a big meanie!

Stop it, you two...


I'll remember this!

What was that all about?

I don't know... Were they fighting again?

Hey... You're Sprites, aren't you?
Tch... Saved by the enemy...

Well, I don't like owing debts...
So, I'll give you this.

Hey, wait!

A demon that's afraid of Sprites?

Don't hurt me!

We'll teach you...
We'll pound it into your head!

They seem to be fighting with each other...

That's our Ein!

Hey, what's going on here?

Who're you?

They're Sprites! Let's get 'em!

Ein, is it okay to just stand by and watch?

...Hm!? Who're you?

They're Sprites...

Let's get 'em!

Ein, here they come!

Can we pull it out? It's in the way.

It's so big... It wouldn't be easy.

Don't worry...
If we work together, it'll be a piece of cake.

There's five of us.
We can do it.

You think so?

Alright, Ein!
I'll pull from here.

If you think we should, then I'll help.

Let's do it!

Then, I'll help, too.

Ready, go!





*huff* It won't move an inch...

Too bad.

It seems impossible.

Sorry, everyone...

It'll just wear us out.

You sound like an old man.

Aww, I bet it would have been fun.

It didn't even budge...

Roots are all over the place.

Now, this is more like it...

Lina, we're not treasure hunters.

I know... But, I'm still happy!

Same here.

Should I open it?

Huh! Hah!

It's no use. It's sealed by magic.

I can undo that magic seal.


Leave it to me!

You did it!


Maybe I should consider a career change... Not!

*giggle* It's nothing, really.

I don't think that will be possible...
You have to be magically inclined.

Wow, Cierra!

It may be a trap.

I see... Well, let me know if you change your mind.

I have a funny feeling about this one...

Maybe it's a trap.


No way!

The ground here's wet...

And it's slippery.

Everyone, be careful...

*caw* *caw*

Here, too!?

*caw* *caw* *caw* *caw*
*cacaw* *caw* *CAW* *CACAW*

What's going on!? They're acting strange...

Don't ask Lina...

Are they angry?

We should get away from here.


Not now!



Looks like the coast is clear.

It better be. I don't like getting kicked around.

It's dangerous to go near the nest.
They're protective of their eggs.
Why don't we just leave them alone?

There's something shiny...

There's something on the side of the tree.


Look out!

Ein, are you okay?

Thank goodness.

This is it...

Isn't this Serene's?

For me? Thank you!

Serene... Here...

You did that for my sake?

It's important to you, isn't it?

Yeah. Thanks!

...Well, thanks anyways.

What!? Are you serious!? ...Of course not!

Lookie lookie! Look what I got!

Let me see that!


Hey, this is...

Lina... This is my pendant...

It is!?



Thanks, Lina.

Why, thank you.

There's an inscription... "SERENE"...

This wouldn't happen to be yours, would it?

Hey, that's...

So, it is!
Then, I'll return it to you.

Thanks, Fia.

Don't mention it. It was yours in the first place.


Ahh! Ein!


I can't watch...

I managed to keep my balance.

But, the shiny thing fell...

But, I wasn't able to get the item.

Well, at least you're safe.

That's not my idea of fun...

Well, don't push yourself too hard.

I feel much better, now that you asked.

Oh, it was nothing... Literally.

Why didn't you just ask in the first place?

Wait a minute! This is...

What is it?

It's my pendant. I must have lost it here...

Really!? I'm glad we found it!

Thanks, Ein!
It means a lot to me.

It's not worth the trouble.

Gateau would be able to get it...


We were separated...

What!? I hope you're joking!

Oh, very. Clever, too.

So, Gateau is good at climbing trees?

It's too dangerous to go after.

Feels good to be outside again.

Finally, a breath of fresh air.

Yeah, it was so dusty inside. *cough*


Help meeee!


We're finally back to where we fell from.

That stupid bird.

I don't wanna fall again.

I'm not sure if magic would help this time...

You call THAT help?

Why don't you hold off on that for now...

Poor birdie...

Hold on, a monster would've hatched from that egg...

That doesn't make it okay...

I'll make some when we get back.

What if it was a dragon egg?

Dragon eggs are a lot bigger.

I'm sorry, little birdie.

I didn't realize that the parent was nearby.

Parents never stray far from their young.
They'll defend their nest fearlessly.

I'll remember that next time.

...Huh? This door won't open.
I don't see any other way to go...

It won't open... I wonder what's inside...

Let's look for another way in.

Let's just forget about it and continue upward.

That's one big feather...

I hear a bird crowing up above us...

Can we get up there using this branch?

It's steep, but climbable.

Alright, let's go!

This feather is huge.

This's one big feather. It must be from that bird.

It's shut tight...

There's no keyhole.

I don't even see a doorknob.

I guess we won't be opening it anytime soon.

How am I supposed to open this thing...?

Why don't you try ramming it? C'mon, use some muscle.

Who, me?

Go, Ein!

I guess I'll give it a try...

It's no use... It won't budge.

Oh, well. Let's look for another way.

Yeah, something less painful...

Let's just find another way.

Let's just keep heading upward.

Talk about luck.

Yay, Cierra!

Now, we won't have to force our way through.

Was that you ramming the door, Ein?

Yeah. We were trying to get it open.

I was worried it was a demon.

Thank goodness it wasn't.

Whatcha gonna do with it?

Umph... It's heavier than it looks.

Alright! Let's have an egg hunt!

Looks like we got caught with our hand in the cookie jar!

You mean, this is a Pelga nest!?

What're you doing?

1... 2...


I was trying to break it, but the shell's too hard...

Ah! The mommie's back!

Whoa... Ow ow!

So, this is a Pelga nest.


She's angry.

We better leave it alone.

I agree. Who knows when the mother may return...

That's a pretty big egg.

Ready to kick some butt?

Wait! Something's wrong.


It's hurt! Ein, what're you gonna do?

An injured Harpie...

It's still the enemy.


We can't afford to let our guard down.

It's not attacking us, so it's not our enemy.
Let's show it some mercy.

I think it's trying to say something...
It's offering us a gift.

You can understand it?

No, but I believe that's what it means.

I'll glady take it.

How nice(note)

It's a really soft, orange feather.

*chirp* *chirp*(note)

It's happy!

It's still dangerous. We can't trust it.


Awww, poor thing...

Lina agrees!

Thank you.

I accept the gift.

That Harpie left...

Wings sure would come in handy here.

*chirp* *chirp*

It seems a lot calmer, now.

There was a glint of light over there!


Maybe it's a jewel!

Let's search the floor.

Huh? Was this here before?

It must be because of the shaking.

Yeah, probably... There's a big hole, too.

I wonder what was inside...

A jewel! Sooo pretty(heart)

Lina, wait!


Don't touch it!

Oh, my.

It's starting to shake!


Watch your step, everyone.

I thought I heard something...

We never did figure out how to open this door...

Oh, do you want me to open it?

You know how?

Oh, did I forget to tell you?

This place used to be a magic laboratory.
Many of the magic traps are still active.

This door can only be opened using magic.

Give me a moment...

Fatima of the earth...
Give me strength!

Wow, it opened!

See how easy that was?

You mean, all that work was...?

For nothin'.

We're almost to the heart of the ruins.

W-What the!? It's still shaking!?

Um, I forgot to mention it, but the floor is weak,
and if everyone stands in the same place... may give way...

Whew. That was close...

I thought we were gonna fall again.

Was that warning too late? I'm sorry.

Well... It would've helped if you spoke up sooner...

Wha!? ...Uwaaaaaa!

The floor's crumbling!

Oh, no!

I wonder how many people it'll feed!

Maybe even more.

Lina loves food!

Probably, if you cook it right.

Hey Ein, let's take it with us.

Ein, it's a trap!

Close it!

That was close.

How come there are so many traps around here?

Huh? It's closed...

It's magically locked. We can't open it.

Another trap? I'm sick of traps.

I have a bad feeling about this one...

You do? You can tell? Ein, that's amazing!

Are you sure?

That's not very convincing...

I believe that's all the dust in here.

But, Lina believed you...

Well, at least he's honest.

Ein, look out!

Ugh... Well, what's inside...?

I'm fine... How 'bout you two?

I seem to be okay.

That was scary!

Everyone's fine, then?

I'm not fine!

But, you're not hurt, right?

Serene, you're mean!

Come on, let's go.

(Where'd my pendant go?)
(I-I've gotta find it...)

......Mm? Mmmm!?

I tried to help, but then I ended up falling, too...

That was quite a blunder...


...Hm? Where's that voice coming from?

Mmm mmmm mmmmmm!?

Um, excuse me... Underneath you...



I'm sorry... I didn't notice.

*huff* *huff* I... I'm okay...

Oh, I'm so sorry...
I didn't mean to land on you.

Oh, my...(heart)

Ein's a pervert...!

Huh!? But...

I have to agree this time...

You can't talk your way out of this one, Ein!

But, that's not what I meant...

Um... I'm sorry... It's my fault, really.

Am I that heavy?

That was mean, Ein!

Huh!? But, I-I didn't mean it like that...

You shouldn't say something like that to a lady.

Yeah! That's just plain rude!

Oh, come on...

What 's that sound...?

Um... It's coming from the branch...

It sounds like it's gonna break!

You gotta be kidding me...

What's the matter? Is something wrong...?



Excuse me. Are you alright?

Huh...!? Who are you?

Wait just a moment. I'll rescue you.


A magic ladder... A floating rope...
Which do you prefer?

Um... Anything's fine...

Oh, come now. Please pick one.

Anything, just hurry!

Then, I'll begin the spell.


Oh, my... I'm losing my balance...
Oh, no!


Help meee!

Why do things like this keep happening to us?

It's hunting season!

We're surrounded... We have no choice!

We're surrounded!

We're unstoppable...

No one can stop us...

There's a piece of fruit up there!

An Applecot. It's crunchy and sweet!

I didn't notice it way up there.


It's up there! See?

I see it, now.

I want it!

But, it's too high up to reach.

Don't worry! Lina'll shoot it down.

What if you miss?
Why don't I just fly up there and grab it?

Lina, are you and Serene at it again?

Really, you two...

Ein, can you decide?

Who should go?

Alright! Leave it to Lina!

Yay! I hit it!

Aww, I missed...

*sigh* Don't say I didn't warn ya...
...Hey, I think you hit something...

It's coming this way!


*caw* *CACAW*

Ein, it's a demon.

Ya shoulda let me get it...


I'll be right back.

Huh!? Hey!

Yeah, I'm fine...

I'll get that bird!

I dropped it... Thanks for your concern.

Can't you think of a nicer way to ask!?

Yes, so I noticed.


Ein, stay on guard!

It's not worth it for one piece of fruit.

Hey, another egg. What should we do?

It probably belongs to that bird...

Don't break it for no reason!

I don't wanna get attacked again.

Hey, what are you doing?


I'm fighting a future enemy.

Hmmm... I see.
Then, why didn't you just drop it over the edge?

Oh, I didn't think of that...

But, this egg is like steel.

Well, it IS meant for protection.

I think we're gonna need it.

Because knowing is half the battle.

W-What are you saying!? ...Don't be silly.

Thank you, Ein.
I'm sure Gateau would be happy to know that.

...It's been a long time, and my feet are sore.

It's not important.


I better leave it alone.

There's nothing else here besides the broken egg.

There's nothing here.

It looks like a bird egg.

It sure is dark in here...

Well, at least it's easier to tell which way's up...
Unlike outside.

Why is that?

Because trees grow upward...

But, branches grow in every direction.
So, that makes it harder to tell.


This is where it leads?

The hole closed.

We can't go back.

I think we're safe, now...

They seem to have given up.

Finally, no more fighting.

You're the one who caused it, remember?

The floor's made of fungi...

Lina, don't make such a fuss...

*squish* *squish*

I knew this would happen!

We have no choice... Get ready, everyone!

It won't be my fault if more slimes appear.

Lina hates slimes!

Let's skip looking at this.

Looks like it's a dead end...

Nelde is said to have many hidden paths.

Then, let's find one.

It doesn't look natural.

Hey! It looks like it's pretty deep...

It may be a secret path.

Let's try to make an opening!

One more time!

It's blocking the way.

I don't think we can get around it...

It looks pretty old.

Everything in here is decayed.

Is it? But, the tree looked fine down below.

Some sort of potion may have been used.
An anti-fungal elixir, perhaps?

So, this place was made on purpose?



Ein, whatcha gonna do?

Let's fight!

They're still there.

Then, we'll have to defeat them.

Let's get a move on.

I'll check it out!

This is a Kredna beehive!

Kredna bees?

Let's run.
Their sting can sometimes be deadly.

Why'd you knock it down!?

You two can fight about it later.

Ugh... Just our luck...

Lina doesn't like bees...

But Ein, you might get stung.

Burning it is the safest thing to do.

I don't wanna make 'em mad.

There's still bees flying around.
We should keep our distance...

Ew, it's all sticky(note)

Lina, be quiet! The enemy might hear you...

*sniff* But...

The path continues...

Let's follow it.

*huff* *huff* That wasn't enough...?

I want some eggs, now.

Lina, too!

I'll prepare some with my magic.

The floor's all sticky(note)

That's because it's made of hyphae.


They're the stringy part of the fungi.

Lina, it's that stuff that grows on spoiled food.

Lina's not a kiddo!

Hyphae are that stuff that grows on spoiled food.

Really? I wanna try it!

Wait! Don't lick it!

Sorry... I wasn't expecting that...

What? You can't eat it?

Hyphae are that stuff that grows on spoiled food.

What's wrong, Lina?

That's gross!

Oh, well... Let's go!

That's a big egg! How many do you think it'll feed?

That's right!

Hey Ein, let's take it with us

What a nice view!

Are these platforms gonna hold...?

They're much safer than the stone paths.
The tree is still growing,
so stones can shift and give way.

Hm. I didn't know it's still growing.

It's just a squirrel.

It ran away.

It wanted to go home.



Serene, go!

That was pretty dangerous, there!

Look, a squirrel.

How cute.

I bet it would make a nice pet.


Umm... I was talking about the squirrel(drop)


Real smooth, Ein...

Geez, it's always Fia(tic)

Ein, you've never seen a squirrel before?

Apparently, there aren't any in Asgard.

We saw one in the forest, remember?

How do you mistake THAT for the enemy?

I wanna hold it!

Alright, I'll catch it!

I got it!

That was incredible, Ein.

Let me hold it!

For me!? Why, thank you.

But, how am I supposed to hold onto it?

...It ran away.

Wha!? For me? Gee, thanks...

Now, what am I supposed to do with it?

Go back to your home, little fella.

Animals belong in nature.

Yay(note) My very own squirrel!


Aww, it ran away...

Thank you, Ein. But, is it okay to keep it?

It's so warm and fuzzy.

I'm sorry, but I'm going to set it free.

I'm sure it has friends, too.

It's cute, but I'm gonna let it go.

That's kind of you, Ein.

Awww, it escaped...

Squirrels are pretty fast.

It's too cute to capture.

It ran away...

The squirrel ran away.

The wind is getting stronger.

Just don't look down...

*gulp* I... I looked down...

(The others had trouble with THEM!?)

We can't just run away. Let's fight!

(Scared? Well, I'll end this quickly.)

They won't let us by without a fight.

Good thing the wind didn't pick up...

Don't worry. If you fall, I'll save you.

But, what if we all fall at the same time?

Uh... That's a good question.

A Mana Wisp...

Etherion, the power of the Sprites.

But, how do we get it?

So, you want me to get it?

Then, I'll use my magic...

Huh!? An earthquake!

Don't worry.
It's under control.

You mean, you're doing it on purpose?

Well, at least we got the Mana Wisp...

Here goes nothin'!

Hey! The rope!

Oops, sorry.
I accidentally cut it.

Leave it to Lina(note)

Here I go!

Lina, that was amazing!

Hey, watch where you aim that thing!

Never mind. It turned out okay, right?

Yeah. Good job, Lina.

I'll do my best.

Here goes!

Fia, that was awesome!

You're welcome.

You did a great job.

It's too much hassle.

The Mana Wisp is gone...

Aww, no fruit?

Unless you like eating leaves...

Oh, thank you. I wasn't paying attention.

You don't have wings, Cierra, so be careful.

You're lucky, Serene.


I was born with these...

How are they attached?

They're just on my back.

They don't come off, do they?

Do your arms come off?

Ein's right...
Falling from here would be disasterous.

That doesn't make me feel any better...

Wow! This egg's huge!

What kind of creature is it from?

A wyrm. This is an old colony.

A colony?

Yes. Wyrms thrived here long ago.
But, this is the first time I've seen a colony.
They're usually located far above the ground.

So, we're almost to the top?

I believe so...

We must be nearing the Accursed...

This is Kerlu.
One whiff of its sap can induce sleep.
It's often called "Slumber Ivy."
It's also very strong.
Once it's been dried, it can be used as a rope.

*giggle* Appearances can be deceiving.

Thanks. If you have any questions, just ask.

So, the platforms...?

Yes, they were bound with this ivy.


Let's take some just in case.

Alright, then...

What's wrong, Ein?

I almost have it,
but these roots are in my way.

An enemy could appear at any moment.
Maybe we should move on.

Good point...

What if we all pull at the same time?




All together, now!

I fell on my butt...

But, we did it.

Now, that's what I call teamwork.

It won't budge...

Let's just forget about it...

Who knows when we'll have to fight again...
Let's save our energy.

Looks like we didn't get all of it.

That's good. Now, it can regrow.

One day, it'll be long again...

It looks like it's thriving.
Lina, be careful not to trip over it.

Lina's not a kid!

I'm not!

I'm a year older than Fia!

Yeah, right!

You don't believe me, do you!?

Well, it's not funny!

You sure act like a kid...

It looks like it's thriving.

We weren't able to pull it out...

Yeah, it's really stubborn.

That's an enormous egg.

It's the shell from an ancient wyrm.

It really is impressive.

It's just an empty shell.

Well, not completely empty... There's air inside, right?

Another empty shell...
It's much larger than a Pelga egg.

Is it from a really big Pelga?

Did I not explain? It's a wyrm egg.

You mean, it's from one of those flying creatures?

Those carnivorous, Sprite-eating...

I never guessed a demon would be hiding there...

Let's be careful.

Here's another one...

No enemies, right?

Seems okay.

I thought I heard something...

Those wyrms must've been humongous.

Their wings blocked out the sky.
At least, that's what I've read.

All these huge things make me feel tiny.
This must be how a mouse feels.

The eggs ARE quite large, aren't they?

Begone, pests, or face my wrath!

Big surprise... They're still here.

So, we'll have to defeat them to get by, right?

Now, let's get going!

So many eggs!

Well, it WAS a colony...

It's like a nest.

Yes. I'm surprised it lasted this long.

It's bigger than a house!

If it keeps on rollin', eggy's goin' to break(note)

Those are strange lyrics...


I don't recognize it.

Me neither.

But, it's a classic...

What's in here?

Ein, what's in there?

I don't see anything.

Well, that's better than finding an enemy.

I'd rather not.

Huh? Did you hear that?


Let's run!

It's too dangerous... Stay together!

You probably just imagined it, Lina.

It's safe, isn't it?

What's in there?

Let me see... Hey, I found something.

Wow, there really was something inside.

A chest...

Now, what's inside?

Brrr! It's so cold!

We're pretty high up...

That scent...
One from Asgard?

One of the Accursed! Demon, prepare to be sealed away!

You dare threaten to return me to that desolate place?
Who are you?

My name is Ein... I am a Grim Angel!

Awooooo... An angel has come...?
Why do you wish to banish me?

To protect Riviera.

Asgard moves for such foolish reasons?

It's not a foolish reason!

We won't let you demons have your way!

That's right.

I will swallow you whole!

Stay alert, everyone!


We did it!
We sealed another one away.

I knew we could!

Thanks for your help, everyone.

Huh!? There's a hole over here!

I can see the sky!

Thanks, Cierra.

Don't mention it.
I wanted to look for Gateau, anyway.

You were a great help.

It was nothing, really.
Oh, but, I have changed my mind about a few things.

Like what?

I sensed the influx of demons here,
but I didn't know how grave it was...
Now that I know...
As a witch, I can't just leave things as they are.
I'd like to help protect Riviera, too.

Lina! Fia!

What happened? You're covered in mud...

Well... the mud broke our fall.

But, we did get this!

Are we almost to the top?

I think so.

The Accursed may be nearby.
We should proceed with caution...

But, we haven't found Gateau yet...

I'm starting to get really worried...


They're still here...

They won't let us pass so easily.

Is Gateau up there...?

My poor Gateau...

It's so shiny and pretty!

It IS an unusual feather...

Lina wants it!

Leave it to us!

We'll get it.

Don't worry, Lina will go get it!

Wait, Lina.

It's just a feather...

I feel icky... Let's finish this and go home.

It's gone...

Ugh... I'm cold, and I'm covered in mud...

Lina... You pulled me in, too...

I'm sorry, Fia...

You know what we're going to do first when we get back?

Yeah, I know...

Who used to live in Nelde?

Well, whoever they were, they respected nature.
This place was built deep within the forest.
Plus, the traps they set aren't harmful to nature.

That's why so many animals live here.

I see.

We came all this way,
and we still haven't found Gateau.
It might be too late...

Don't say that, Cierra...

We'll reunite you two!
Right, Ein?

We'll look some more on the way down.

I heard something! Gateau, is that you!?

Gateau must be in here!

Gateau! I'm so glad you're safe!

This is... G-Gateau...?

That's right(note)

Oh... It's a cat.


Um... Rose?

Meow!? (Ein!?)

I knew it!

Meow me-ow! (You're alive!)
Meow meow meow! (I was looking for you!)
Me meow-meow! (I finally found you!)

My, Gateau's usually shy around strangers...

I found the poor thing injured in the forest.

Meow meow! (I was just napping!)

Then, I nursed my new partner back to health.

Meow meow *hiss* meow!
(She made me drink some weird potion!)

Since then, we've been best friends.

...Th-That's great.

Meow meow, meow-meow.
(Now, I can't even speak normally.)

How come I can understand you?

Meeeeow meow. (You're my master.)
Meow meeeow meow. (We have a psychic connection.)

It's like you're talking to the cat!

Huh!? You can do that?

Uh... I was just using my imagination...

I see.
It'd be so great if I could speak cat.

...Y-Yeah, it would.

Meow meeow me-ow meeeeeow.
(Ask her how long my voice will be like this.)

Okay. Hey Cierra...
About that medicine you gave to, um, Gateau...
How long will it last?

I have no idea.

Meowwwwww! (Noooo!)

Well... Umm... To tell you the truth...
I know Gateau.

So, that explains it.

We were traveling with each other before.

Is that so?
I'm so glad that you're together again.
Isn't that wonderful, Gateau?

Meow meow meow. (If only I had my voice.)

So, whatcha gonna do now, Cierra?
Won't it be hard for Gateau to choose between you two?
I mean, a cat can't be in two places at once...

It won't be hard at all.

I want to come along with you all.
Is that alright?

It sounds like a great idea...

Yay! Cierra's coming, too!

*giggle* Thank you.
You'll be joining us too, won't you, Gateau?
My, how I missed you, my little Gateau!

Meow me-ow! (My name is Rose!)

Just a little further...

Almost there...

I got it...



Where are we?

It'd be really sad if we were back at the entrance.
I don't think I could take it if that happened.

I know what you mean.

This egg's different than the rest.

Maybe it's not an egg.

No, it's an egg.
Its color is very rare, but it's still an egg.

What kind of creature laid it?

But, what if it's not an egg?

It looks like an egg to me...

I was thinking the same thing!

Oh, Lina.

Ein, let's take it with us.

Should I?

Alright! We're rich!

I don't wanna cause any trouble...

Yeah, it seems kinda suspicious to me, too.

The sunlight is reflecting off the egg.

Yes, it really is.

It's nature's artwork.

It's making my tummy growl.

It just seems too grand to be an egg.

Let's play it safe and keep our distance.

Aww... No more eggs.

These eggs aren't laid every day, Lina.

By the look of this statue,
this is the Royal Tomb...

So, it was a pretty important place, huh?

The kings of Binon were laid to rest here.

See...? Here's the royal seal.

So, what you're trying to say is...
We're surrounded by rich stiffs?

The butterflies are gone...

They must've flown away.

I wanna get outta here.

That makes two of us.

I wasn't expecting that.

Be careful what you touch.

The butterflies all flew away.

I would, too, with all that ruckus.

But, it can't be helped.

We should be worrying about the enemy instead.

Well, I feel sorry for the butterflies.

Look, butterflies!

They're pretty.

Why are they all in the same spot?

There must be a crystal around here...
These are Amberets.
They like to bathe in refracted light.

Let's look over by the butterflies...

Lina'll help!

They're flying away...

It's not our fault.

Yeah, they're the ones that flew away!

They must be looking for another crystal.

Hold your horses.

Look what we got!

Let's catch one.

Are you gonna ask them where the crystal is?

Of course not.

See! Just like I said.

You're kidding, right?

I guess that's okay.

That's no reason to harm something.

I got 'em!

My, you have quick reflexes.

Well, you're not short on confidence.

Oh, is that why?

Don't be so modest.

You don't need to stress over some butterflies.

But, it's good to be persistent.

It would've been easier with a net.

Oh, my. They all got away.

Too bad, Ein.

I can't catch a butterfly... How lame is that?

Let's just let 'em be.
There are plenty of crystals in Elendia.

Do you mean the Crystal Caverns?

Ritz will give us some.

Let's ask when we get back.

They're exquisite.

I've never seen butterflies like these...

Look, a statue.

Should we check it out?

Let's have a look.

Umm... Guys...

Hold on. We'll be done in a sec.

I don't think you should touch that...

Why not?

You might set a demon free...

Hm? You say somethin', Ein?

You worry too much.

Huh? What's the problem?

It is time for me to awaken and you to sleep...

We have no choice... Get ready!

It's best not to stir up trouble...

Yeah, it may be a trap.

I read somewhere...
...that some statues are made to calm the dead.

Like an offering...

An offering? But, they're dead.

At any rate, we shouldn't touch it.

But Ein...

Oh, yeah. We decided not to touch it.

Well, THAT was fun.

This is a tomb...
What'd you expect?

Let's get outta here.

Let's just go...

Patience, Lina.

Light's shining in...

We must be near the entrance.

Yay! We made it!

Looks like we can get in from here.

I think it's the rear entrance.

There are steps ahead, so kids, be careful.

Hey! Who're you talking to, Serene?

What!? You too?


Uh, no.

I know that.

It's crumbling in places.

Yes, it really does look ancient.

Maybe even more!

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Lina's not a kid!

I'm not!

I'm a year older than Fia!

Quoting this for Wikipedia reference.
Quoting Terence's script dump for a little more credibility:
D1 C7 :       Speech    37,1433
              Lina           Lina's not a kid!
DC    :       If        #0 == 0
D1 BF :          AdjTrust  Ci:  0, Se:  0, Li: -3, Fi:  0
D1 C7 :          Speech    39,1434
                 Lina           I'm not!
DA    :       ElseIf    #0 == 1
D1 C7 :          Speech    39,1435
                 Lina           I'm a year older than Fia!
D1 C7 :          Speech    27,1436
                 Serene         Yeah, right!
D1 C7 :          Speech    13,1437
                 Cierra         Really!?

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