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> The IRC Channel and its Rules
post Jun 27 2007, 04:28 PM
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QUOTE(Rhiannon @ Jan 1 2006, 04:05 AM) *


Now, before I write about stuff for those who do not know about IRC, here's a message for those who DO know about IRC. The server is and the channel is #LCN.

Now, for those who do not have experience with IRC. The first thing you should do is get an IRC client. HexChat and mIRC are popular ones. Download and install your client.

There should be a text box where you can type things. Type "/server". Once it finishes connecting, type "/join #LCN". You should now be in the IRC channel for Lacrima Castle. If the channel is empty when you come in, try joining at a different time.

There are many other commands, but here are a few that will be useful:

"/nick NameHere" will allow you to change your name. Obviously, you should replace "NameHere" with the name you want to change to.

"/me ActionHere" will show something as an action. For example, if I type "/me dances!" it will show up as "* Rhiannon dances!" or something similar.

"/msg NameHere MessageHere" will allow you to send private messages to people who are online at the time. Of course you should replace "NameHere" with the name of the person, and "MessageHere" with the message you wish to send.

You should also register your name if you plan on being in the channel regularly. To do this, type "/msg nickserv register PasswordHere EmailHere". You should replace "PasswordHere" for the password you want to set with the name, and "EmailHere" with your email address.

Note: Some commands will differ depending on which IRC client you're using.

That ends my short guide to getting to the channel. Of course, if you're fine with using Java or already know about how IRC works, then there's no point in reading all of this. But anyways, if anyone has ANY questions/problems involving the channel, don't be afraid to post them.

GUIDELINES/RULES (Read these please)

We don't have many rules. Actually, the only thing that I really consider a clear "rule" is NO SPOILERS. We have no spoiler tags in the channel, so we have to be really careful about this. If you really want to discuss spoilers with someone, take it the forum (where we have spoiler tags) or take it to a PM.

I'll probably make more rules as more problems come up and as the channel becomes more popular.

Until then, just use common sense and don't ignore it when the ops warn you. Because there aren't any rules set out, we are going to be lenient about the amount of time people will stay banned. What I mean, is, if you get banned it will probably only be temporary unless you've been banned multiple times before, or if it was something unforgivable.

And since we're on the Rizon network, we need to follow their rules. You can see these on the messages that scroll by when you connect to the server, and also if you just type "/motd" at any time. If you need more info or help with something related to Rizon specifically (rather than #LCN) you can find lots of information here.

In addition to this comprehensive guide by the lovely Rhiannon, the channel and the forum, while sharing members and certain topics, are not connected or affliated to each other in any way. Therefore, do not bring any disputes from IRC to the forum, and vice versa.

The IRC channel can get quite vulgar at times, especially when I am there, so it is not recommended for users under 18, but of course, you're not going to listen to me anyway.

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